The What, Why, How and Where of Free Vector Downloads!

If you’re a graphic designer, I don’t need to tell you how useful vector files can be for your workflow: they let you customize a design, or parts of it, as much as you want without losing proportions or image resolution. But did you know you can find vector graphics already designed by others, that you can use in your own work, for free? Yes, free vector downloads are a reality, and they are as awesome as they sound!

VectorJunky is an amazing resource offering you thousands of vectors for free download, in various popular themes, topics and styles! Check out our Free Vectors here!

Now, I know many of you may think free vector downloads sound too good to be true, so where’s the catch? Well, I am here to explain you all about stock vectors for free download, what you can do with them, where can you get them (right here!), and more. You will learn what an awesome resource they are!

Let’s start from the top!

What Are Vector Graphics?

In short, Vector Graphics are a perfect example of what can be created when physics and programming meet designers.

A vector graphic is an image created using polygons in computer graphics. Vector Graphics are created using control points or ‘nodes’ that have each got definitive values on the X and Y axis of the work plane which determines its path. These control points can also be given attributes ranging from length to thickness of the stroke and brush type used! Learn more about what Vector Art is here.

Like this, vector graphics give you great editing power, with the ability to change size, colour and placement of elements and so much more, all the while maintaining the designs proportions and without compromise of the image quality! Here’s some valuable info on how to edit vector files!

What are Stock Vectors?

A stock vector is a vector graphic that has been created by another designer and uploaded to a service that allows you to purchase licenses to use the file in your own work. This is awesome for all graphic designers, as it lets you get graphic elements for your design within minutes.

Let’s say you are set to design a graphic illustration of a woman in a pet shop choosing her new pet. The focus of your design will be the woman and the store, and the particular pet she is looking at, right? That part you likely will want to design from scratch yourself, to ensure it’s unique and custom made by you.

But now, to be complete and professional, your design will also need other pet animals on the background. You could spend hours designing each animal yourself… or you can simply find stock vectors of pets or house animals that fit in your style, and edit them into your work! For example, you could use this great vector graphic of birds in cages from VectorJunky collection.

There are lots of stock image agencies and services offering stock vectors under flexible usage licenses and with very affordable prices. One of the best around is Vectorfresh, a vector-specialized service with a library of over 1 Million premium vector files, currently offering a deal for thousands of downloads for as little as $0.04 each! Learn more about Vectorfresh Early Bird offer here. In our example, you could use this great Vectorfresh design of a black cat. 

What are Free Vector Downloads?

As you probably guessed, free vector downloads are stock vectors that are offered to download and use in your work with a license that is free of charge. This means you can use a vector graphic created by someone else as an element in your own design, legally and without paying a penny.

However, most of free vector services are very limited: they have low quality content, and often very small collections, they restrict the use to personal projects only, and they put little care in reviewing the legal status of the files offered.

And that’s why VectorJunky is so cool! We offer you hundreds of premium quality vectors (the kind you need to pay for at other sites), totally free! That’s right, all of our vectors, that we own ourselves, are high quality and professionally made, and they’re ready to download and use completely free of charge.

Our Standard License includes commercial use with attribution (you have to link back to us), ensuring you can use any vector in our collection in designs you’re earning money from, all completely legal and free! Plus, we add 20 new vectors every single day!

Discover our collection of free vectors right now!

So, Why Should I Use VectorJunky’s Free Vector Downloads?

At this point the benefits in our Free Vector Downloads should be clear, but here’s a little rundown:

If you find the right resources, with stock vectors and free vector downloads you can create an entire graphic at an extremely low cost, and are normally able to use the elements you have licensed for commercial purposes, therefore making you more money versus time on your work. And VectorJunky is the perfect fit for this, because it gives you premium vector files that you can use in commercial projects, for free and backed by serious industry professionals.

So why spend hours building an entire design from scratch when you can mix and match components from different designs, or use them as finishing touches instead of labouring over those final elements?

Check out our awesome selection of free vector downloads today!

Okay, How Can I Use Them?

Just as you learned above, you can use stock vectors and free vectors to save you time, effort and money in completing your own designs. Use them as complementary elements to fill in a complex design, as additional visual impact, etc. The point is the graphics are already there waiting to be downloaded and used, so why not to do just that?

Let’s go back to our pet shop design example. Analyze the cost-benefit in adding hours of labour to your workload for the creation of animals for the background. Sure, you need these animals to make the design more complete and professional… but the final result is worth spending hours designing each? Knowing you can customize stock vectors of house animals and pets to look exactly the way you want, and that you can get them for free at VectorJunky… your choice is pretty clear!

Right, But How Can I Legally Use Them?

Licensing is where most people stumble when using stock media, and to be honest with Free Vector it can be pretty treacherous waters for the uninitiated, so let me give you the run-down on how licensing normally works!

Paid licenses, such as the popular Royalty Free license most stock vector services work with, are often more clear about what you can and cannot do with the files you purchase, and also a lot more flexible in the allowed usage, given you’re paying for them.

But for Free Vector Graphics things are a bit different. Most sites offering them have their own custom standard licenses, which allows various usage cases, and may include commercial use. However they tend to be more restrictive.

Making sure your free vector resource is trustworthy and doesn’t allow users to add content without vetting is of the utmost importance when using their content in your work! If the vector you have downloaded did not belong to the person that added it to the site, your license is invalid as the site did not have consent of the original owner to offer a license to you and this could result in legal issues for you if you have used the image in any form.

I’ll give you the quick run down on the main types of licenses you might find your free Vectors under and what they actually mean for you:

At VectorJunky we give you the perfect combination of quality and flexible use, as our Standard License, allows both personal and commercial use, with the one requirement of attribution. This is, that you must credit VectorJunky in your work. However, if you have a case where you want to use one of our files commercially but without including a link to our website, you can contact us to discuss it privately.

Even more, VectorJunky is part of Stock Photo Press, a large network of online publications and services in stock media, lead by veteran industry professional Amos Struck. And all files in our collection are wholly owned by us, no third party content involved, all of which grants you legal safety when using our free vectors!

Awesome! So Where Can I Get Free Vector Downloads?

Well, right here on VectorJunky! Here’s a quick resume of what you get with us:

Ready to see some awesome free vectors? Check our library!

At VectorJunky we have a great selection of premium vector graphics that would be sold for a lot of money in other sites, but that we give to you for free!

All of our Free Vector Graphics are 100% ours to share with you for free and free to use however you like, all we ask is that you give us a mention in return, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about when using our free vectors! Check our Standard License for more info.

We have content covering lots of popular topics and styles, like Abstract, Business, Nature and much more!

Hand checked for both quality and functionality, the vectors we offer are compatible with a wide variety of vector editing software and are totally editable in any way you can possibly imagine.

With all the vectors we offer coming with a standard license that allows for personal and commercial use, and with VectorJunky itself being part of Stock Photo Press network, lead by veteran stock media industry expert Amos Struck (learn all about this in our About Us section), you know these vectors can be used 100% stress free.

And of course, the best part, every single vector that is available on VectorJunky is FREE! Check out our awesome collection of free vector downloads, that you can surf by categories or search with keywords!

And Where Can I Get Premium Stock Vectors?

Probably the one downside in free vectors is that the variety in content available is limited. Premium stock vector services offer you a lot more of variety in content, file formats, and more. These are paid services that offer you stock vectors under a flexible use license, for a very low cost.

If premium quality vectors are your thing, you can always find some great subscription services such as those being offered by VectorFresh. VectorFresh is a great service in premium stock vectors. They have over 1they are currently offering an early bird discount of a whopping 55% of their normal price, that works out at $49 per year or only $0.04 per vector! Read more and grab your amazingly cheap vectors from Vectorfresh here!

For more news, reviews, tutorials, coupon codes and more check out VectorGuru, the best resource you’ll find for all things Vector!

Take your Designs to the Next Level at No Cost with Free Vector Downloads

Now that you know all you need to know about vectors, stock vectors and free vectors, you are all set to exploit this awesome resource in your benefit!

Use reliable, high quality free vector downloads  to finish, complemente or boost up your designs without any extra expenses, while saving you time and effort! Download free vectors at VectorJunky today!

And don’t forget you can always get premium stock vectors for a very low cost at Vectorfresh! 

Already thinking of all the amazing designs you will create using free vector downloads? We sure are looking forward to see them come to life!