About VectorJunky


I’m Amos Struck, founder and editor of Stock Photo Press, and I want to welcome you to VectorJunky, our awesome collection of Free Vector Files ready for you to download and use in your designs.

As a veteran in the stock media industry, I have worked alongside the creative community for 10 years now, and learned a lot from them. I run Stock Photo Press, one of the largest networks of websites and digital publications dedicated to stock media, that includes VectorGuru (a great resource for tutorials, tips, reviews and more on vector graphics) and Vectorfresh -an amazing subscription-based service that gives you thousands of premium Vector Files for a crazy cheap price-.

Why VectorJunky?

I am a firm believer of giving back to those whom have helped you, and so to me it is very important to bring valuable resources for the graphic designers and creatives I have worked with along the past decade.

I wanted to build a great free service that would give all of you the vector files you need to complete your designs, completely free. But not just that, I wanted it to be the best free service possible!

Applying my industry knowledge, my experience, and reaching out to the community for feedback, I learned that the keys to achieve this were to provide quality, functionality and ease of use without the typical rain of popups, adverts and suspicious redirecting that free sites commonly include. That is what most of you wanted, and that is exactly what you get at VectorJunky!

What VectorJunky Has for You

Having learned this, me and my team worked hard to build and deliver the best free vector site, the one you are going to love and to use all the time! Here’s what we have for you:

Boost Up your Designs with Awesome Free Vectors from VectorJunky!

Now you can get the extra graphics you were needing to complete your designs, in high quality, without any hassle, and completely free!

No catch, no site redirecting, no hidden fees. Just an industry expert giving back to the community. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds!

I hope VectorJunky is as valuable as I intend it to be for you. Enjoy it!